HITCO CARBON COMPOSITES, INC., has been developing and producing complex composite structures for commercial and military aircraft for over half a century. The Boeing 767 Flap Track Fairings produced at HITCO since 1981 are organized into lean flow production lines, employing just-in-time material deliveries and dedicated cross-trained product on teams. Each ship set consists of 18 close tolerances, complex-shaped components. Flap Track Fairings are located on the underside of the wings and offer protection for the flap control mechanism as well as improved aerodynamic stability.

Experience in the design and manufacturing of large composite structures is showcased in the Boeing C-17 Tail Cone Assembly.
This oversized component is a single-piece carbon epoxy structure, reinforced with longitudinal carbon epoxy stiffeners and metallic frames. Our experienced product on teams meet critical contour to tolerances and hinge location requirements for mating our component to each aircraft fuselage, assuring ease of assembly for our customer.

HITCO has produced the first fifteen ship sets of the Boeing Tanker air-scoop using flow production lines employing just-in-time material deliveries, and dedicated cross-trained production teams. Each scoop had three sub-components.

The Boeing C-17 Vapor Barrier Assembly is an oversized three-piece fiberglass structure. Our experienced production teams meet critical contour tolerances and attach location requirements for mating our component to each aircraft fuselage