NON-DESTRUCTIVE TESTING - Offering both A & C Scan Capability Right Side Bar


Phased Array Inspection Station

2 Each 5-Axis C Scan Programmable Immersion Tanks.
         Size 25' Long X 4' Wide X 3' Deep
Used for Automatic Inspection of radial shaped parts that requires X,Y,Z Swivel & Gimbal motion. Instruments & Transducers for Dual Bridge Immersion Tanks. Phased Array probe is set for Flat, External Radius & Internal phased.

Also 1 each additional tank 22' Long X 7' Wide X 3'Deep.

  1 Each MISTRAS Group 12-Axis Ultrasonic C-Scan Imaging Gantry Scanning System. 24' Length (X-Axis) X 16' Deep (Y-Axis) X 16' Height (Z-Axis).