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HITCO CARBON COMPOSITES, INC., is a leading manufacturer of composite aircraft structures. It employs advanced state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies for large composite parts based on advanced pre-preg lay-up techniques and autoclave curing. HITCO also benefits from new machining capabilities at its build-to-purpose manufacturing facility in Gardena, California.

HITCO supplies Floor Beams, Transverse Beams, and Stringers for the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. These parts are fabricated from BMS8-276 carbon/epoxy pre-preg utilizing a combination of hand and automated tape lay-up, hot drape forming, advanced machining, inspection, and NDI techniques.

These programs require comprehensive certification to BAC-5578. HITCO is one of only a few suppliers that have successfully completed this certification.

HITCO produces inlets and launch rails for the F-22 Raptor using flow production lines, employing just-in-time material deliveries and dedicated highly skilled cross-trained production teams.


• Completed 5317-1,2,3,4,&5 certification
• Completed BAC-5578 certification
Designed and fabricated all tools
Co-cured systems
BMI resin systems
• Complex curvature
• Complex titanium hardware assembly

  • Combination of hand & automated lay-up
  • Hot drape forming
• High pressure cure
  • Specialty machining and inspection
• Through transition NDT-C scan aerooml2
• Hand lay-up
• RVB-reusable vacuum bag
• De-bulk
• Multi-cure processes
• Multiple close tolerance hole drilling and fastene    installation
  • Automated Tape Lay-Up  
  • Automated Fiber Placement  
  • Automated Noodle Fabrication