Located in Gardena, California, HITCO employs over 550 highly skilled workers, engineers and executives.  Selected by the Boeing Company as its 2007 “Supplier of the Year” in the Aerostructures category, HITCO continues its 91-year legacy as a proud supplier to the Military and Aerospace Industry.  HITCO continues to maintain a Gold rating for excellence by Boeing as well as, Lockheed Martin’s “Star” Supplier rating and Northrup Grumman “Blue” Supplier status. 

HITCO is a “program management” driven organization. Cross-functional teams deal with multiple processes and areas of manufacture.  Continuous process improvement teams maintain LEAN manufacturing lines.  HITCO maintains AS9100, Rev. B Certification, several NADCAP approvals and ITAR registration.

Our core competency is delivering turnkey solutions of medium to large-scale, complex shaped composite structures for Commercial and Military aircraft as well as, Launch Vehicles and Marine Structures.  We are accustomed to working with carbon fiber, fiberglass, phenolic, cyanate ester polyimide systems and bismaleimide (BMI).

Five major product lines form the basis for HITCO’s long-term growth.  These include complex mold line structures such as: wing skins, tail cones, pressurized bulkheads, AFT-fuselage sections and control surfaces.

With assistance from HITCO’s parent company, SGL Group, The Carbon Company, a major investment in infrastructure modernization and automated manufacturing capabilities began in 2007 and nears completion today.  By meeting specified targets, HITCO is now well positioned to capitalize on changing market trends in the commercial aircraft industry.  HITCO is able to service Tier I companies as a competent “Risk Mitigation” supplier.

The U.S. military has also initiated the upgrading of weapons systems such as, the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter.   Composites are incorporated in major sections of this aircraft.  HITCO has utilized its experience as a producer of bismaleimide composite parts along with its automated manufacturing capabilities to qualify as a supplier to Lockheed Martin for this state-of-the-art fighter aircraft.

The commercial aviation and military markets are bolstered by a backlog of 787 and 777 aircraft orders.  Security concerns are driving the modernization of military capabilities in many countries, thus driving the development and procurement of new weapons systems.  These new aircraft heavily utilize carbon fiber technologies to lighten their weight as well as, utilize new fuel sources that lessen their carbon footprint while conserving energy.  Modern aircraft are going “green.”  HITCO is aggressively availing itself of these new business opportunities as it innovates and advances composite technologies while providing quality service to our customers worldwide.

HITCO Aerostructures Programs JSF
  • Boeing 767 Flap Track Fairings
  • Boeing C17 Globemaster Tailcone
  • Boeing C17 Globemaster Vapor Barrier
  • Boeing 787 Doors Components & Tailored Edge Frames
  • Boeing 787 Floor Beams, horizontal fixed trailing edge, door    surrounds, and shear ties
  • F-35 JSF Wing Skins & Nacelle Skins
  • F-22 Inlet Lip & Offloads
  • Joint Strike Fighter Wing Skins
  • Nacelle Structure
  • KC767 Inlet Ducts
  • 688 Sub Baffles, Tip Seals and Masts
  • Rocket Motor Nozzles
        o Delta II, III & IV Nozzle Assemblies
        o Atlas V Nozzle
      o Arrow & THAAD BMD Nozzles