HITCO CARBON COMPOSITES, INC., a leading manufacturer of composite aircraft structures is undergoing a comprehensive modernization of its plant facilities. In addition to utilizing the large manufacturing capacity on its 22 acre site in Gardena, California, the multi-faceted HITCO workforce utilized its skills to service and operates new state-of-the-art automated equipment. These employees also maintain the highest skills in composite hand lay-up and lean manufacturing.

HITCO has proudly served the U.S. Navy for the last half century. It developed the first composite bow domes and has built assemblies for every generation of nuclear powered submarine. Today, HITCO makes single piece, autoclave cured composite structures such as the composite antenna mast for the same submarines.

• Concept and design development
• Engineering review and trade studies
• Part integration and weight savings
• Complete analysis and test validation for certification
• New concept composites tooling
• Rapid prototyping
• Life cycle cost reduction
• Enhanced durability
• Corrosion resistant
HITCO’s State-of-the-art automated equipment includes
• Automated tape lay-up
• Automated fiber placement
• Hot drape forming
• 6 Axis water jet cutting
• Large autoclaves up to 20’ by 50’
• One piece shell construction and assembly
• Bonded structure
• Integral protective coating