HITCO Quality

Customer Specification Description
International Standards
  ISO 9001:2000 Quality Manual
AS 9100 Rev. B Quality System
  EN 9102 First Article Inspection
The Boeing Company
  D1-9000 Rev. A Quality Management System
  BAC 5317-1    Carbon/Aramid Fiber Composite Parts (350oF) Cure
  BAC 5317-2    Mfg. Low Temp. Autoclave Cure Epoxy Parts
  BAC 5317-3    Mfg. High Temp. Autoclave Cured Epoxy Parts
  BAC5317-4     Adv. Comp. Laminate/Sandwich Structural Parts (350o) Cure
  BAC 5317-5 Mfg. of Adv. Composite Structural Parts. (250oF) Cure
  BAC 5578 Mfg. Adv. Carbon Fiber Reinforced Comp. Structure
  BAC 5980 Non-Destructive Testing
  BAC 5325 Composite Surface Preparation
  BAC 5845 Composite Surface Preparation
  D1-4426-851A NDI Level 3
  D1-4426-735 Mfg. Carbon Fiber Plastic Parts QPL for BAC 5578
  D1-4426-443 Non-Destructive Inspection of Composite Parts
  D6-49327 Qualification of Autoclaves
  D6-51991 DPD/MBD
  D6-55902 Auto Prepreg Cutting machine, Auto. Ply locating Machine
  D6-53993 Clean Room & Receiving Inspection
Lockheed/Martin Company
  5PTPTT02-2 Fracture/Durability
  5PTPCT01 X-Ray
  5PTPCT01 Ultrasonic Inspection
  5PTPCG08 Ultrasonic Inspection
  MIL-F-18624 Prime & Paint
  2ZZP00001 Finish Specification
  2ZZP00002 Process Specification for Hand Lay-Up for BMI
  2ZZP00004 Process Specification for Hand Lay-Up for Epoxy
  2ZZP00014 Fabrication Specification for Fiber Placement & Automated Tape Lay-Up
  2ZZP100000 Fabrication Specification for JSF Wing Skin
  2ZZP100001 Fabrication Specification for JSF Lower Wing Skin
  2ZZP100002 Fabrication Specification for JSF Nacelle Skin
  LMA PB076 Installation of Injection Ports
  LMA PK004 Installation of Bonded Nut Plates / Click Bond
  LMA PT008 Test Procedure for Reinforced Plastics, Adhesive/Core
  LMA PT009 Composite Materials, Batch Acceptance Test Methods
  LMA PC001 Ultra Sonic Inspection of Bonded & Composite Structures
NADCAP Approvals
  AS 7108/1 Chemical Processing
  AS 7114/3 NDT
  AS 7118/1 Prepreg Adhesive Bonding
  AS 7118/3 Core Processing