Hydraulic, Fuel, and Air Control Valve
Fireshields for Commercial Aircraft
  General Properties    
  Fabricated sewn insulation blankets are finished blankets designed for a variety of applications. Blankets may be fabricated into any size and geometry to meet requirements using the most advanced materials available.
  Coverings Insulation Media
  -Neoprene coated fabrics -Fibrous batting insulation
-Silicone coated fabrics -Bonded or unbonded
-Vinyl coated fabrics -Refrasil cloth
-Plain fabrics  
-Various films  
Typical Applications Installation Methods
-Hot air ducts -Cementing
-Cold air ducts -Lacing
-De-icer systems -Buttons and Studs
-Environmental systems -Velcro
-Fluid reservoirs -Other mechanical means
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